Duck and ducklings


Red Light

This photo goes out to the weekly photo challenge: All-Time Favorites.

This is one of my favorite new photos. I came upon this little light other day while walking down the street. I though it had a nice little shine too it.

I would also like to apologize for my absence I have been working on another side of my photography which you are also free to see and follow on my Instagram account at


People of NOLA!

This photo goes out to the weekly photo challenge: Variations on a Theme

This past this week I had the fun of going to New Orleans and have a wonderful time. While there there were two types of variations both can be seen in this picture. First the people there are some many people all from different places all coming to together just to have fun. As well you can see all of the different building ranging in sizes and colors, but still fitting together wonderful to make this wonderful place we call New Orleans.